Kelty Backpacks
In 1952, Dick Kelty, a carpenter, builder, and avid outdoorsman, started making backpacks for his friends in the Sierra Club for 24 bucks a pop. His friends were grateful. These 24-dollar packs revolutionized backpacking, implementing for the first time Kelty's ideas of a hipbelt and lighter aluminum frames.
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JR Tioga Red Cloud Red Wing
Tioga Women Yukon
Amen the Eco-Friendly idea, Chang W.  I love this company, they make great products for all seasons, they are super functional with no bells and whistle (yeah, North Face, less add on crap), and they make all their cotton from organic cotton, no pesticides or nastiness in them.  Their gear is a little pricey but when you look at the environmental steps they are taking company wide, it is worth it to spend the extra money to feel good about your purchases going to a better cause other oil companies.  

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